30 amazing advantages of Erasmus

The Erasmus programme has its 30th anniversary this year! That means that until now over 3 million students were able to travel and study in another country thanks to the programme.

I have only 2 months of my Erasmus left! How did that happen and where did the time go? Well, I do miss my uni, my family and so many things, but as always, I don’t want this adventure to be over yet.

So I put together 30 benefits of going on an Erasmus exchange- based on my own experience and my friends’. Good for convincing your parents that you will be ok. And if you need a little push yourself, maybe I can help.

You can also read more about the advantages of studying abroad in my post 10 reasons to study abroad.

Let’s go!

30 benefits of Erasmus for the 30th anniversary of the programme:

1 . Improving your foreign language skills and learning to function within a multilingual community

2 . Improving your interpersonal skills

3 . Learning more skills desired by employers- quick thinking and decision making improves

4 . Boosting your CV- employers value people who have travelled and done international exchanges

5 . Actually decreasing your likelihood of unemployment by 50% (!)- check it out here

6 . Saving some money by finding a part time job on Erasmus and using it for anything you want (boosting your CV again at the same time)

7 . Getting a sense of freedom while being away from home

8 . …but also learning the responsibility of living on your own

9 . Learning to be alone and organize the time for yourself

10 . Trying out what it’s like to live in another country

11 . And also learning to appreciate your life back at home

12 . Learning to deal with homesickness – read my post How to embrace homesickness while studying abroad

13 . Learning about yourself- your strengths and vulnerabilities

14 . Possibly discovering new passions or hobbies

15 . Testing your ability to cope in difficult situations

16 . …and gaining self-confidence from them all

17 . Getting the Erasmus+ grant so it’s basically a sponsored trip

18 . Learning to manage the money while living on your own

19 . Making new, international friends from outside of your normal social circle

20 . Possibly meeting the love of your life 😉

21 . Taking the advantage to travel around the country you’re in or to neighbouring countries


22 . Contributing to the modern multicultural European society

23 . And therefore contributing to the EU becoming a great, strong community of like-minded people

24 . Becoming a part of a big community of Erasmus+ students- by the end of the 2014 academic year 3.3 milion students did Erasmus

25 . Having an opportunity to participate in Erasmus Student Network and organize the time for your fellow Erasmus students

study abroadMy beautiful alma mater in Glasgow

26 . Getting to know different study and learning techniques

27 . Having access to books and TV in another language

28 . Having this new place away from home to call “home” and come back to in the future

29 . Becoming the hero of the family cause everybody will come and visit you

30 . Getting to eat all this delicious new food!

Do you think it is worth going on Erasmus? Let me know about your experiences!

–feature image from: Erasmus+ 30 years toolkit

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