Hi there!

My name is Julia, I’m originally from Poland and I’m 23 years old, welcome to my little corner of the internet!


I started the blog to share my experiences of studying abroad, travels and my outlook on life in hopes of connecting with like-minded people and maybe inspiring someone to take the leap and travel or even study abroad.

I love travelling and hopping around Europe when I get the chance. I enjoy my life in between different cultures and try to observe and learn as much as I can while living abroad.

I have been studying and working abroad for almost three years now. It’s been an incredible experience and I’d love to see more and more people deciding to study abroad at some point in their life.

I like to think that I started my “abroad” journey even before I actually left home. I’ve always been keen on learning languages and managed to get my certifications in both English and Spanish before graduating from high school.

Now, I am pursuing my language interests both thanks to my degree and the opportunities to travel.

I am a student of Comparative Literature at the University of Glasgow, in love with Scotland and my university. This year I am on a year abroad in Spain, doing an internship and enjoying a little bit of sun before coming back to Scotland to finish my degree.

Studying abroad has been the choice that flipped my life upside down, forced me and my family to change our perspective on many things and opened me to more possibilities that I could’ve ever imagined.

It has also been filled with struggles and I’ve learned many things the hard way. I hope to be able to connect to other international students, share out experiences and struggles and help each other.

I love to travel meaningfully, having the time to get to know the place that I live in or visit. I call both Scotland and Spain my other homes. You will find many stories from my travels and my life here and I hope you share some of yours with me too!

The picture I used as a logo of the page is a picture of a sculpture by my dad, so all rights reserved 🙂

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