Valencia – a travelling student’s paradise

Spain is flooded with Erasmus students who come each year to enjoy the sun, the vibrant culture and Spanish fiesta. Let me tell you why I think Valencia is the best choice for a travelling student looking for a great study abroad experience. And, of course, why I am proud to call this city home. The biggest beach Malvarrosa Beach in Valencia is stunning, wide and long, perfect for any kind of activity. I love strolling along the sea and having a late night star … Read more Valencia – a travelling student’s paradise

Improving career prospects while still at uni

I was thinking about my time abroad and why I decided to study away from home. I know I decided to do so because I wanted to have an international degree that would give me a chance of improving career prospects for the future. But I learned that the degree is not everything and it might not even be the most important factor in getting a job. So I put together some things I think might help you better your prospects in future job search … Read more Improving career prospects while still at uni

8 reasons to move abroad in your twenties

Okay, I have to say I probably had a lot of things going on in my head before moving abroad for the first time. Actually, I had come back from an awesome trip just two weeks before my scheduled departure and I still had no place to live in Glasgow. Or a plan how to go about it, but that’s a different story. So I was mainly panicking about that, thinking about how I would miss my family and fighting off doubts about my life … Read more 8 reasons to move abroad in your twenties

My favourite spots in Lisbon

Going to Lisbon was one of the random ideas I get sometimes. As I have almost a year of living in Spain ahead of me, I thought I can’t miss the chance to visit Portugal. So when the opportunity came and me and my Favourite Travel Companion were looking for an idea of a short trip at the beginning of December, Lisbon came to my mind. And I soon discovered it is quite a good option for budget travel! I had someone tell me that … Read more My favourite spots in Lisbon

How to embrace homesickness studying abroad

I am a big advocate for embracing homesickness. Owning every feeling that comes with the experience of leaving home, living abroad and travelling on your own is important. What do I mean how to embrace homesickness? Well, I mean you shouldn’t let yourself get buried in it. But you should pay attention to what it’s telling you. Studying abroad can be a tough experience. Especially for someone who has a strong bond with their family and friends. After all you voluntarily leave it all behind … Read more How to embrace homesickness studying abroad

10 reasons to study abroad

I could talk on and on about the advantages and reasons to study abroad, but you will find them woven into this page quite often. Living in a foreign country is like being a child again- you discover new places, smells, tastes. You slowly sink into this world and it’s the best feeling! When I was first leaving home to go study abroad in Scotland I was scared, but also impacient. I knew it was going to be difficult, dealing with the workload, homesickness, culture … Read more 10 reasons to study abroad