5 tips on how to combine travel with studying

Have you been postponing your travel plans and dreams until after you finish university and get a proper job? I know I have been dreaming of travelling since longer than I can remember. I didn’t want to take a gap year though and still felt like travelling is something that I’ll be able to do in not-so-near future. Moving to another country for university has changed my perspective on travel. You can combine studying full time and travelling, it just takes some planning, budgeting and … Read more 5 tips on how to combine travel with studying

Driving along Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca is a dream destination in Spain. So having been living in Valencia for over 8 months, I had to take the chance to see Costa Blanca when it came. And it came in the form of my brother and Favourite Travel Companion (aka the boyfriend) who possess a very valuable skill of driving a car. So I packed up and got myself driven along the Costa Blanca twice 🙂 View from Altea Old Town Famous for the sandy beaches and luxurious resorts, it actually … Read more Driving along Costa Blanca

How to successfully find a flat for your study abroad

Finding a flat can be one of the most difficult things to do when studying abroad. Especially if you’re limited by a budget. Many people will decide against studying abroad just assuming that it’s too expensive for them. I’ve already covered the costs of tuition fees in different European countries in this post. But apart from that you have to take into consideration the rent, the cost of living, textbooks and travel. It might get a bit overwhelming. But there are ways in which you can … Read more How to successfully find a flat for your study abroad

How to balance university with a job

I have mentioned getting a part time job as a way to boost your future career prospects and an additional source of income to finance you studying abroad. And I think it’s one thing that everybody should do at some point in their life. If you spend your twenties relying on your parents’ help you’re losing a major opportunity for gaining life experience and, basically, successfully learning how to “adult”. But to balance university with a job can be a hard task. That’s why I … Read more How to balance university with a job

3 perfect ideas for a day trip from Valencia

Albufera Albufera is a freshwater lagoon, separated from the Mediterranean sea just by a small strip of land. It has a variety of flora and fauna, so it’s a must see for the lovers of nature looking to get out of the crowded city for a while. The locals offer short boat trips around Albufera. The perfect time, if you can make it, is to get one to see the sunset. As it is also used to cultivate rice, the villages around Albufera specialize in … Read more 3 perfect ideas for a day trip from Valencia

How much does studying in Europe cost?

Studying in Europe Studying in Europe is guaranteed to be a wonderful experience whether you are European yourself or not. It is a continent of great diversity and offering world-class education institutions. In addition, European Union encourages young Europeans to move around as part of their student mobility policy. And I am loving it! I already took advantage of so many opportunities offered only because my country is a part of the European Union I cannot recommend it enough. But EU also welcomes other international … Read more How much does studying in Europe cost?