If you want to travel- study abroad!

I went to study abroad in Scotland over two years ago. Now, I am in the middle of my degree with another two years to go and I have discovered that studying abroad has a lot more to offer than I thought at the beginning.

I want to tell you how studying abroad can be a way to fulfil that travel dreams of yours. I am no stranger to that fantasies of wandering around the world. Although choosing a university in a different country was not a decision I made with exactly travelling in mind, it turned out to be the greatest opportunity for that.

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Meaningful travel

It has also taught me something about travelling meaningfully. Living in a foreign country for a longer period of time you can’t call yourself a tourist anymore. And it’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in a culture the way tourists never can.

It has also been a way for me to ease into the life filled with more travelling. I don’t fly across the world every couple of days and that is exactly how I like it. I love being home and having all the time in the world to get to know the place. So by going to study abroad I basically make myself a home somewhere else in the world. I have to warn you though, there’s a danger of leaving pieces of your heart scattered all around these places when you get to call them home.

When I came to Scotland, I immediately became a part of a local community: the community of students of my university. Not only has it given me an introduction to Scottish culture but also the mix of cultures of all the international students attending my university. Meeting people from different places became an everyday experience for me. It has opened the world to me much more broadly than I had expected.

So if your desire to travel comes with an eagerness to learn about the cultures of other, studying abroad provides you with exactly that.

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The benefits of study abroad travel

Studying abroad is a way to travel without taking a gap year and actually earning a degree at the same time. Going away to university and moving abroad at the same time might sound a bit stressful, I know. But as long as you realise this will not only be travelling, but actually having your life in a different place with studying, maybe working, commuting and all the other everyday stuff involved, you will be ok.

Here are my 10 reasons to study abroad!

Going to study abroad is allowing yourself to travel during your formative years. In the future, travelling can only get harder when more responsibilities pile on. Travelling in your early twenties will let you learn a lot about yourself. You give yourself much more opportunities for meaningful friendships, life-changing experiences and actual adventures of stepping into the unknown.

Many people find it difficult to make the decision to follow their travelling passion due to financial worries. That’s understandable. Although there are countless blogs telling you how to afford to quit your job or take a gap year before university and travel the world, I get how it can be a tough step to take.

Studying abroad can be a very affordable way to travel. There are many countries offering free university. Check out my post about studying in Europe. Then, you actually move to a different country for a longer period of time. So you won’t be paying for a hotel stay, but most probably finding a shared flat. You will be paying the same as for a couple of days in London hotel, for the whole month of living at a place you will be calling home.

Do you think studying abroad is a good idea to satisfy your wanderlust?


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